Patients reviews

The service at Dr Constantine’s office is Consistantly very good. I have been going there for quite some time and am always Satisfied. The doctors and assistants are knowledgable and proficient in there treatments.

Patricia G. | Jul 16, 2024
Dr. Constantine is great! Friendly and professional. His staff is great too!!

Tim L. | Jul 10, 2024

Carla O. | Jul 09, 2024
friendly and good attention

Rebecca H. | Jul 02, 2024
Outstanding service

Christine K. | Jun 27, 2024
I was very, very, very impressed with Dr. Constantine even though he told me I need to have surgery but at least you finally as a perfect doctor told me exactly what was wrong with my feet. It’s a little scary to think about having surgery, but I’ve got so many things going on my life right now. I don’t know what I’m gonna be able to have them, but he was a wonderful doctor Was great

Diane C. | Jun 26, 2024
Very nice staff and the dr was very nice. Made me feel hopful that he can fix my foot. He also was not “surgery is the only answer” he wants to try and find a way without surgery. I appreciated that!!

Kimberly K. | Jun 25, 2024
Best Doctor ever.. great experience and fully understanding my medical issues with his easy explanation. I highly appreciate and recommend him! Thank you Dr. Constantine.

Essam F. | Jun 15, 2024